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Looking Back Quiz

What was the original color of the Rizal house in Calamba, Laguna?
What was the original title of “Lupang Hinirang”?
Who became the model for UP’s Oblation statue?
Which of the following was Andres Bonifacio’s pseudonym?
Who invented the yo-yo?
Which treaty provided for the Spanish Empire’s surrender of the Philippines to US?
Which president ordered that Independence Day be celebrated on June 12, 1898, instead of July 4, 1946?
Who fired the first shot that sparked the Filipino-American War in 1899?
What name did Ferdinand Magellan assign to the Philippines when he discovered it in 1521?
Which Juan Luna painting is rumored to be “unlucky”?
Which company pioneered the import of ice to some Asian countries, including the Philippines, in the nineteenth century?
Who was the first Filipino champion in flyweight division boxing?
What was the country’s official weather station during the Spanish era?
Which town was considered the temporary capital of the Philippines’ First Republic?
The origins of our halo-halo can be traced back to which dessert?
Which famous American author wrote an article against US imperialism and conquest of the Philippines?
Which of the following presidents died in an accident?
In Spain, the Philippine mamon is known as:
Which saint was thought to have set foot in Mindanao during his trips in Asia?
Which artifact portrays the ancient Filipinos’ belief in the afterlife?
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Looking Back Quiz
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