“The Good Photographer” Now Available as E-book

About the Author

[O]ther than romantic walks by the beach and traveling to exotic places, Raymund finds it such a blessing that he has found his work and his passion in the career he has pursued. People seldom find a job that they would love to do the
rest of their life. To work where one can play and to play where one works is a gift. And when life offers this opportunity, you grab it by the balls and never let go.

Being in the business of photography and visual arts for more than 35 years—and counting—Raymund has always seen the journey as a new adventure waiting to unfold each time an image is captured, when a person steps in front of the lens, or even when just a light bulb switches on that insatiable creative hunger inside.

He also finds it difficult to describe himself in the third person point-of-view when writing about himself for this book. Which is so ironic because he does this at least twice a day. Maybe it’s that mix of insanity and love of life that keeps him going despite all the odds in this modern world.

For additional boring details like where he went to school and what his achievements are, just Google him: Raymund Isaac with a “u”. Check out his social-media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) by looking for “Raymund Isaac”. Or visit his website at www.raymundisaac.com.