1. I have just finished writing a manuscript. Can Anvil publish it?

If you want us to read and evaluate your work, you can submit to us a hard copy of your complete manuscript to our office, c/o the Editorial/Publishing Department. We will not accept (not yet anyway) soft copies (e-mailed or sent in removable media) and incomplete works.

When you submit your work, please include a cover letter explaining briefly why you think Anvil should publish your work, a synopsis of your manuscript, and your bio-data.

Submission is every first quarter of the year with a deadline on the last working day of March. However, we advise you to check our website and our social media handles (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) for announcements about changes in schedules and if our line-up has already been filled for the year.


2. What will be my role as an author if Anvil decides to publish my work?

As author, you are responsible for a lot of things. When you sign a contract with Anvil, you warrant that your work is original, you own the work and that no other agreement to publish it is outstanding. You also guarantee that the work does not libel anyone or infringe any person’s right of privacy.

As author, you are responsible for requesting any permission needed for the use of published or unpublished material owned by others.

You will be asked to review and approve all components of your book during the pre-press stage. Anvil will not proceed to the next stage of production unless you have approval.

You will also be Anvil’s partner in promoting your book once it’s off the press.