New Year, New Cover!

Out with the old, in with the new!

Like people, book covers also need a makeover —a face-lift. Every year, people try to make themselves better. Here at Anvil, we also try to respond to the times by giving our readers some fresh book covers.

As they say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But the truth is, majority of readers still use it to decide whether or not they will buy the book in the first place.

A well-designed cover makes a book stand out from the shelves—making it easier to entice readers to pick it up and flip through the pages. If it is not remarkable enough to draw attention, it will be lost on a budding customer. The book cover serves as their first assurance of the book’s quality, as it also speaks for its content.

As the year starts, let us take a look at some of our old covers and welcome the latest ones. Check out these redesigned Anvil books, and give their new looks a chance.


Note: The latest versions are on the right.

Rizal Without the Overcoat
by Ambeth Ocampo

Rizal Without the Overcoat uncovers the man behind the glorified hero. With his meticulous research on the most curious of topics, rendered in his distinctly accessible voice, Ocampo takes Jose Rizal away from the mythos that history has created for him, and gives us instead a strangely human figure.

by Lualhati Bautista

Ito ang kuwento ni Anna, isang inang napawalay sa kanyang sanggol nang madakip siya ng militar dulot ng kanyang pakikibahagi sa rebolusyonaryong aktibidad laban sa rehimeng diktadurya ni Marcos. Mga dalawampung taon pagkaraan, at walang kasiguraduhan kung nabubuhay pa nga ba ang anak, patuloy si Anna sa paghahanap.

Sa nobelang ito iginuguhit ni Bautista kung paano nawasak ng batas militar ang napakaraming pamilya, at kung paanong ang galit at sakit na dulot nito ay ‘di sinasadyang naipamamana ng mga magulang sa kanilang mga anak.

Cave and Shadows
by Nick Joaquin

A classic from National Artist for Literature, Nick Joaquin, Cave and Shadows was first published in 1983, and this literary whodunit is still considered a must-read by students of Philippine Literature.

Cave and Shadows follows a man named Jack Henson, an American expatriate from Davao. Of all things, Jack never imagined he would ever agree to do a favor for his ex-wife.

But when his stepdaughter, Nenita Coogan’s body is found naked and lifeless in a locked down cave, Jack goes undercover to investigate the case and catch the killer.

Set in seedy Manila in the 1970s, Cave and Shadows explores the themes of crime, crisis and corruption.

A Question of Heroes
by Nick Joaquin

Through his critical essays on ten key figures in Philippine history, Nick Joaquin provides a fresh point of view on Philippine heroes and their role in the Philippine revolutionary tradition.

The Bohol We Love
by Marjorie Evasco

In this anthology, the reader is invited to take a journey through vivid and heartwarming verses, narratives, and images. It is a well-rounded trip to Bohol—its people, culture, and ways of life. It is not just a peek into what Bohol is all about, but a stunning picture of a place that will welcome a stranger and bid him farewell as a friend, a sanctuary for the weary, a haven for the wanderer and the one who wants to stay still.

by Lualhati Bautista

Sa Olongapo lumaki si Michael Taylor, Jr.—isang GI baby na hindi na nakilala ang ama. Kung anong galit ni Mike sa Amerika, siya namang pagkahumaling dito ni ng hostess na si Magdalena, na wala nang ibang hangad kundi makapangasawa ng Kano. Nariyan din si Ali na nagkukumahog makahanap ng mapapangasawa para lang magkaroon ng ama ang batang nasa pangangalaga niya. At si Modesto, isang manggagawa sa loob ng base-militar ng mga Amerkano na araw-araw dumaranas ng kaapihan sa kamay ng mga puti.

Ito ay kuwento nina Mike, Magda, Ali, at Modesto. Pero higit pa, ito ay kuwento ng ’Gapo. Lupa ng Pilipino, batas ng Amerikano.

by Liv Strömquist
Isinalin sa Filipino ni Beverly Siy

Malimit banggitin nang walang halong bungisngis o pangungutiya ang salitang “puki,” na para bang ito’y kahiya-hiyang salita, o kaya isang sikretong dapat pabulong lamang sabihin. Bakit kaya? Sa Pukiusap, susuriin ni Liv Strömquist ang kasaysayan ng kapukihan bilang ideya, bilang sentro ng diskurso’t kontrobersiya, at bilang pundasyon ng mga kultura. Sa kakatwang salin ni Bebang Siy, buhay na buhay ang boses ng mga henerasyon ng kababaihang matagal nang nagtitiis habang isinasantabi sila ng kasaysayan.

Abridged Vicassan’S Pilipino-English Dictionary
Anvil General Reference

“It took this indefatigable researcher almost a lifetime to come up with this definitive work, which should last for more than his, our, and our children’s lifetimes. Well into the next century and most probably beyond, this dictionary will be on all sorts of desks and bookshelves, not only those of language scholars, but also of ordinary students who want to speak, to read, to write, and to think in Filipino.”

– Isagani R. Cruz, Ph.D., Writer and Critic

Banana Heart Summer
by Merlinda Bobis

Close to midnight, when the heart bows from its stem, wait for its first dew. It will drop like a gem. Catch it with your tongue. When you eat the heart of the matter, you’ll never grow hungry again.

The myth of the banana heart inspires twelve-year-old Nenita. She will appease her family’s hunger and win her mother’s love. As she cooks and eats, or dreams of cooking and eating, other love stories unfold in her street, sweltering between a volcano and a church. It is the hottest summer of the 1960s, in her small town reeling with the songs of Roy Orbison, Patsy Cline, and The Beatles.

Baking Secrets
by Rudolf Vincent Manabat

RV Manabat’s Baking Secrets is a treasure chest of tested recipes that are scrumptiously divine from the first bite to the very last morsel…. If you have been searching for fabulous, foolproof recipes that are both timeless and exquisite, this is the book to have.

America is in the Heart
by Carlos Bulosan

First published in 1946, this classic semi-autobiographical novel of the well-known Filipino poet Carlos Bulosan describes the writer’s boyhood in the Philippines, his voyage to America, and his years of hardship and despair as an itinerant laborer following the harvest trail in the rural West of the US. Bulosan does not spare the reader any of the horrors that accompanied the migrant’s life; but his quiet, stoic voice is the most convincing witness to the terrible events he lived through.

“America came to him in a public ward in Los Angeles County Hospital while around him men died gasping for their last bit of air, and he learned that, while America could be cruel, it could also be immeasurably kind. . . . For Carlos Bulosan, no lifetime could be long enough in which to explain to America that no man could destroy his faith in it again. He wanted to contribute something toward the final fulfillment of America. So he wrote this book that holds the bitterness of his own blood.”

— Carlos P. Romulo in The New York Times

by Carla Pacis

This is a story familiar to many Filipino families. A mother leaves her loved ones to work in Hong Kong, hoping to make a better life for her husband and children. Her departure, however, threatens to tear apart the very family she leaves for love. Out of desperation, the eldest son, Tonio, embarks on a quest to leave the island of his birth and bring his mother back home. The adventures he meets and the characters he encounters, give uncanny life to the issues of familial sacrifice and overseas labor which now mark the lives of numerous Filipinos.


As you make your first book purchase this year, get the biggest bang for your buck with Anvil’s redesigned covers. Give yourself—and your shelves—a new look.

May you have a prosperous year ahead!