“French Kusina” Cooking Demo and Book Signing Event



 Saturday, July 22, 2017 at 4 PM – 6 PM


  National Book Store Glorietta 1


Special thanks to La Española, McCormick, and San Remo.



Forget everything you’ve heard about the complicated French cuisine and step inside the French Kusina, where Chef Xavier Btesh’s delicious French and Mediterranean recipes are foolproof and easy for anyone to whip up. Learn the classic recipes of French homestyle cooking from salads and starters that will add a Frenchy twist to your meals and merienda offerings, to soups that are rich in flavor and open to a sprinkling of your favorite local ingredients. Btesh’s stew recipes will give you a taste of how varied French cuisine really is, and his meat and chicken dishes will add some oomph to your usual menu. Take our amazing local seafood and surprise your family and friends with a French-style preparation, and serve everything up with a few side dishes and sauces that will add a world of taste and even a little sexiness to your table. But beyond the wonderful flavors, one of the biggest draws of the French Kusina is how Btesh’s dishes are so uncomplicated. Each recipe’s ingredients are measured for one, so that all you have to do is multiply everything by the number of guests you are having over—which is absolutely perfect considering the fact that at its heart, French cooking is about coming together and sharing a family-style meal. It’s relaxed, simple, and open to your own personal touch.