Claysaurus and His Friends Play with the Kids of Mindbuilders Preschool

[T]he students and teachers of Mindbuilders Preschool welcomed author and illustrator Mr. Jomike Tejido as their special guest storyteller and workshop facilitator on August 25.  The multiple intelligences preschool, which is located at BF International, Las Piñas City, were graced with Mr. Tejido’s stories as a highlight of their Linggo ng Wika culminating event.

Jomike Tejido greets the students and teachers of Mindbuilders Preschool

The community helper characters from Jomike Tejido’s Sino Po Sila? series were used as inspiration for the school’s activity centers. The children were grouped according to their classes (some sections combined) and went from one classroom to another to participate in four 10-minute activities.

Mindbuilders Preschool students work on making their Claysaurus figures during the workshop facilitated by author-illustrator Jomike Tejido


There was a Walis Relay inspired by street sweepers (mga taga-walis ng kalye), a pan de sal decorating station inspired by bakers (mga panadero), a “tusok-tusok” bead activity inspired by fishball vendors (mga tindero ng fishball), and a community places game (Saan Sila Nagtatrabaho?) inspired by the book series. Each activity also represented a particular intelligence or combination of intelligences.  For example, the bead activity represented Logic-Mathematical intelligence (colors and patterns) as well as fine motor, since the children were required to insert beads on barbecue sticks.

Street Sweeper Relay—one of the games inspired by Jomike Tejido’s Sino Po Sila? book series, a center activity at Mindbuilders Preschool’s culminating event for Linggo ng Wika.

After the rotation of centers, the children were gathered for a plenary session with Mr. Tejido who introduced the first of four books from his latest series Claysaurus. What sets the Claysaurus books apart from most children’s books is that these are interactive, and that children can learn concepts (such as colors and numbers) by putting pieces of clay on the glossy pages of the book. The books also come with instructions for making the specific Claysaurus character using clay.

“Tusok-tusok”—a Math and Fine Motor center activity at Mindbuilders Preschool’s culminating event for Linggo ng Wika, inspired by Jomike Tejido’s Sino Po Sila? book series.

After his storytelling, Mr. Tejido proceeded to teach the older preschoolers on how to make Claysaurus figures following the steps in his book. The younger preschool students proceeded to one classroom to decorate little dinosaur party hats that featured the Claysaurus characters.