Celebrate Delightful Specialties with Anvil Food Bites

Savor the taste of our Anvil Food Bites!

Anvil Publishing, Inc. proudly presents Anvil Food Bites, a festive celebration of cookery and gastronomy happening on December 15, 2018, Saturday, from 1:00 PM to 7 PM at National Book Store Glorietta 1.

Anvil Food Bites features cooking demonstration from selected Anvil chef-authors including the launch of their books “Guilt-Free Dessert” by The Maya Kitchen, “So, You Want To Be A Chef?” by Sharwin Tee, and “Chef Laudico Flips Out!” by Rolando and Jacqueline Laudico.

Guilt-Free Desserts
by The Maya Kitchen

With the emergence of healthy lifestyle and mind-set, dessert lovers may find it hard to let go of their cravings. But here at The Maya Kitchen, we believe that desserts should be enjoyed anytime without the guilt. With thirty delectable recipes using healthier substitutes but still giving you that satisfyingly sweet taste, Guilt-Free Desserts is the perfect cookbook for you.

So, You Want to be a Chef?
by Sharwin Tee

In this book full of both hilarious and insightful real-life stories, Chef Sharwin Tee recounts his rollercoaster journey to a life he never anticipated. So, Want to be a Chef? features everyday hi-jinks, blown-up ovens, finger cuts, and the daily chaos of a kitchen. A delicious must-read, not only for those thinking about working with food, but also those who absolutely love it.

“Chef Sharwin Tee chronicles the significant milestones of his life—as a chef, foodie, and cooking show host—with stories peppered with wit and candor, sprinkled with bits of self-effacing humor. It’s an honest account of his struggles and triumphs in the kitchen, and how fate intervened and gave him the opportunity to land his dream job. This book will make you laugh at him, cry with him, and root for him. A must-read for culinary students, and just about anybody who loves to cook.” –Nina Daza-Puyat, magazine editor and food writer

“Sharwin’s book is a must-read for people thinking about a career in the food industry. He lays out the ups and downs of culinary school and the mind-set needed to survive, not just if you want to be a chef, but if you want to win (see what I did there) at life. He tells you from the start that not only did he want to be a chef, he specifically wanted to be a chef on TV, then proceeds to carve a path towards where he is today, a voice on food and culture on television and one of the few Chinese-Filipino faces in mainstream Philippine media.” –Yvette Tan, food writer and Palanca awardee

“Do not be deceived by Chef Sharwin’s cute appearance on TV. Gustatory-wise, his mind is as sharp as his tongue, with the ability to articulate the most sublime of ideas in a sudden burst of inspiration. He is perhaps the most underrated chefs in the country today. His frequent use of the words ‘why’ and ‘how’ betray an inquisitive mindset that makes him the perfect model for those wishing to learn from him. So, whether you are aspiring to be a chef or just wishing to improve your kitchen skills, you will undoubtedly find inspiration between the pages of this beautiful book.” –Ige Ramos, food writer and book designer, author of Republic of Taste: The Untold Stories of Cavite

Chef Laudico Flips Out!
by Rolando and Jacqueline Laudico.

Much like the chefs behind this unique cookbook, Chef Laudico Flips Out! offers exciting and out-of-the-box takes on traditional Filipino dishes.

With the kitchen as their playground, Rolando and Jacqueline Laudico “flip” traditional dishes into unexpected but totally delectable dishes that will definitely excite both local and global palates. With these “flipped-out” recipes inspired by traditional recipes they have grown up with and learned to love, foodies, homecooks, and even professionals will have a fun challenge on their hands when they try recreating the Laudicos’ mouthwatering savory and sweet concoctions. Here we see the genius and the extraordinary skills this culinary couple naturally have and use with confidence.

The layout of this book is as fun as its contents are delicious: the Laudicos’ “flipped-out” recipes of traditional dishes and food staples such as balut, sisig, kinilaw, tapsilog, as well as suman, yema, banana cue are on flipped pages after their quick backgrounders. A witty reminder that the flipped recipes are loving and exciting tributes to well-loved Filipino dishes.

“Cooking is my language of love for the special people in my life. Chef Jac Laudico makes the experience of learning from her authentic and easy to absorb. I used to fear that a woman couldn’t possibly have it all, but in getting to know her, she’s showing me everything is possible. And it starts with loving what you do, caring for the ones you do it for, and supporting the ones you do it with. #lovelovelove” –Kris Aquino, actress, talk show host, and producer

“As a regular diner in one of Chef Lau’s earlier restaurants, I was impressed by his different takes on traditional Filipino favorites. It’s a wonderful challenge as a home cook to have the recipes to try and recreate in my own kitchen.” –Judy Ann Santos Agoncillo, actress, celebrity chef, and award-winning cookbook author of Judy Ann’s Kitchen

“The book displays the back-to-back creativity of chef husband and chef wife who both push Filipino contemporary dishes and desserts using traditional classics, all while maintaining the true identity of our country’s cuisine.” –Gene Gonzalez, award-winning cookbook author and founder and president of Café Ysabel, Inc. and the Center for Asian Culinary Studies

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