Books to Give to Your Loved Ones This Christmas

‘Tis the season for gift-giving!

Finding the perfect gifts for people in your life is not an easy task. Books, though, are one of the best gifts to give, because giving someone a book is like giving them a world to explore and experience. It becomes a golden ticket that takes people to places they have never been.

As what Neil Gaiman said, “Books make great gifts because they have whole worlds inside of them. And it’s much cheaper to buy somebody a book than it is to buy them the whole world!”

Since it’s the time of the year when presents are on everyone’s mind, let us help you find the best book gifts to give to your loved ones this Christmas.


Mix and Match Series
by The Maya Kitchen

For any homemaker, coming up with a combination of dishes to serve the family three meals a day, seven days a week, and fifty-two weeks a year is no easy task. That’s precisely why the Maya Kitchen offers you the Mix and Match Meals cookbook series featuring a variety of home-cooked dishes with recipes tailor-made for the Filipino family kitchen.

Judy Ann’s Kitchen
by Judy Ann Santos Agoncillo

There’s truly something special about preparing meals for the people who matter in your life. I see that good food can put smiles on their faces, and I consider it an accomplishment that I am able to make people happy with the food I cook.

So, really, this book is for my family, my friends, my supporters, and also everyone who have graciously allowed me to explore and work in their kitchens. This is also for moms, for people living alone, for those who are taking care of other people, and for adventurous and aspiring home cooks—basically everyone who loves food and enjoys preparing them for others like I do.

This cookbook is not only a collection of recipes and tips I gladly share with you, dear reader, but also, and most importantly, a part of who I am.

Feast with Me
Stephanie Zubiri Crespi

Savor the flavors of Europe and Asia’s sides of the world with Feast With Me, the first-ever (cook)book by writer, TV host, entrepreneur and chef Stephanie Zubiri Crespi. Start your day with a relaxing Parisian breakfast; indulge in flavorful Moroccan and Filipino lunch, take a quick Mediterranean merienda and munch on Spanish tapas; and bask in the company of family and friends with bucolic Italian dishes and exotic Vietnamese and Indian meals for dinner. Feast With Me is nothing short of a sumptuous feast for the senses.

Coconut Kitchen
by Maria Regina T. Newport

From meat to shell, Coconut Kitchen brings you many ways to make appetizers and main dishes absolutely healthy and delicious! Each recipe has been personally selected, tested and retested by the author with the reader and home cook in mind. This cookbook also features coconut-based recipes from the following well-known personalities in the Philippine culinary world: Amy Besa and Romy Dorotan, Norma Chikiamco, Pia Lim-Castillo, Elizabeth Ann Quirino, Ige Ramos, Beth Romualdez, and Editha C. Singian.

Kulinarya Second Edition
by Claude Tayag, Conrad Calalang, Glenda Barretto, Jessie Sincioco, Margarita Fores and Myrna Segismundo

This expanded second edition of the groundbreaking and best-selling Kulinarya, with a more  carefully thought-out selection of recipes from classical and regional dishes, with new photographs by Neal Oshima and most of all, notes and tips from some of the best-kept culinary secrets, is a must-have for the experienced new cook, a lover of Filipino food, or even someone who has never tried it before.

Kulinarya: A Guidebook to Philippine Cuisine, Expanded Second Edition, is the continuation of a movement to inspire homemakers, cooks, students, purveyors, retailers, and restaurants of all types to bring Filipino cuisine to the highest level of excellence in preparation and presentation for the world to appreciate.

Mga Lutong Bahay 1&2
by Gloria V. Guzman

A cookbook with a heart, it features healthy family recipes and includes tips on growing your own vegetables.

Guilt-Free Desserts
by The Maya Kitchen

Have you ever wanted to lead a healthy lifestyle but your craving for rich desserts is stopping you? It’s actually just a matter of using the right ingredients—natural sweeteners, sugar substitutes, fruits, yogurt, dark chocolate—and following the right recipes to cut down your calorie intake and consume less fat.

And for that, the Maya Kitchen has got you covered. With thirty delectable recipes using healthier substitutes but still giving you that satisfyingly sweet taste, Guilt-Free Desserts is the perfect cookbook for you.

So, You Want To Be A Chef?
by Sharwin Tee

Chef Sharwin Tee has cooked all over the world, written a cookbook, and hosted his own cooking show, but none of it should have happened at all. Just ask him!

So, You Want to be a Chef? chronicles his rollercoaster journey to a life he never anticipated. Full of hilarious hi-jinks, blown-up ovens, finger cuts, oven burns, and every other daily incident you can find in a kitchen, this book is definitely a delicious must-read, not only for those thinking about working with food, but also those who absolutely love it.

Chef Laudico Flips Out!
by Rolando and Jacqueline Juarez Laudico

Give a new twist to your traditional adobo. Bake your maja blanca into a cake. Culinary power couple Rolando and Jacqueline Laudico will help you do just that. Still staying true to the distinct taste of Filipino cuisine, Chef Laudico Flips Out! features the couple’s own exciting takes on classic Filipino dishes.

The Food Journal

Organize your day and jot down notes. Try out the featured recipes and write your own. Capture the memories of good food enjoyed with family and friends. Record your life in food.

With different recipes fit for every season and your own space for personal notes, this journal is as kitchen-friendly as one can be. If you are a foodie who wants to explore the joys of cooking, baking, and planning meals from your own kitchen or if you simply want to enjoy the flavors of the world, The Anvil Food Journal is perfect for you.


The Family Incorporated: Lessons from Filipino Business Families
by Andrea Santiago

Whether you have just started a family microenterprise, or bound to take over your family’s decades-old multi-branch company, The Family, Incorporated is a must-read. Featuring vignettes of different families and their respective businesses, as well as the Family Interconnectedness Model developed by business professor, author, and consultant Andrea Santiago, this book guides business families through the roller coaster of a corporate world, helping them weather the challenges that lie ahead—from family disputes to changing market trends and even financial crises. Because the family that builds a business together, grows together.

Your Best Guide to Stock Investing
by Celso Vivas

A well-informed and actively engaged shareholder base is a key contributor to ensuring that companies conduct their business with competence, integrity, and transparency. This requires companies to adopt the principles of good corporate governance, which is one of the main drivers of creating shareholder value and growth in our capital markets. It is in this light that I would like to congratulate SharePHIL for publishing Your Best Guide to Stock Investing to educate and guide the investing public. The handbook is a big step forward to good governance for all of us.

– MANUEL V. PANGILINAN, chairman, Metro Pacic Group of Companies

Celso P.Vivas gives practical insights and advice on investing stocks, dealing with stockbrokers, and knowing your duties and rights as a shareholder, all while keeping you up to date on the policies in the investment world. Your Best Guide to Stock Investing is a definite must-have for those who would like to learn more about making investments that will surely pay off.

Laws for Life 1 & 2
by Gianna Reyes Montinola and Maria Victoria Rotor-Hilado

Features simple answers to everyday questions like:

•  My name is misspelled in my birth certificate. How do I correct this?

•  Does an illegitimate child have a middle name?

•  How do I apply for an NBI clearance?

•  What are the requirements when buying real properties?

•  How do I apply for a bank loan?

•  What are the grounds for legal separation and annulment?

•  Should I write a last will and testament?

•  How do I settle the estate of a deceased loved one?

“This book is an invaluable vade mecum for all manner of things to do. It is an excellent walking companion for any and all who have to negotiate the obstacle courses that are the public and private bureaucracies. To employ a more modern image, it is an unerring GPS through the labyrinth of modern living . . .

“Starting with birth and ending with death, it covers the ‘basket-to-casket’ range of questions and problems that arise in our work-a-day activities, whether these occur frequently or once in a lifetime . . . “

From the Foreword by Rubén F. Balane
Ateneo Law School professor.

The sequel to Laws for Life features simple answers to questions on heavier, more technical, and more sensitive law-rel
ated everyday issues—13th month pay and minimum wage, breaks, and under- and overtime work; bullying, social media libel, and sexual harassment; intellectual property; and bank secrecy, among others.

The Philippines Towards Resilient Cities and Countries
by Felino Palafox Jr.

A shared understanding of our cities, strengths, weaknesses, and potentials can help in formulating transformative strategic plans and policies for disaster and risk reduction. Whether you are an architect, planner, government official, local expert, or an ordinary citizen—we all need to work together to build a brighter future for our communities.

Ahente Series
by Emmanuel N. Santos

Featuring tips on how to develop the right attitude to success, be on track of one’s career by crafting the right personal and business vision, use the most effective prospecting methods, and other important skills in becoming a successful sales professional.

Ahente 2.0, the follow-up to the best-selling Ahente: A Sales Professional’s Handbook, provides practical, time-tested, and sure-fire tips to deliver powerful sales presentations, including how to:

– profile your customers

– develop your presentation sequence

– handle objections professionally

– close the sale, and

– evaluate your performance.

Ahente 3.0 is a the third book in the Ahente series. It presents 20 of the most powerful closing techniques used by successful sales professionals in the country. Each one is thoroughly discussed and enriched by examples of actual seller-and-buyer conversations culled from professional encounters and experiences disclosed by topnotch sellers in the country.

While it can be argued (and rightfully so!) that closing will happen naturally if the initial stages of prospecting, approach, and presentation are performed masterfully, the skill of closing becomes critical as some concerns might still arise towards the tail end of the selling situation. In other words, mastery of each stage of the sales process is a must for the ahente to be successful in the very challenging world of selling.

Ahente 4.0: Prospect Unlimited! is the fourth installment in the Ahente series. The book addresses the most critical concern of salespersons—finding the right buyers and lots of them. It introduces a field-tested prospecting system guaranteed to consistently provide a steady stream of customers from which the most qualified ones can be selected on-call. With Activity-Focused Selling providing the foundation, such availability of clients ensures not only achievement of monthly quotas but predictability of sales production as well.

Stewards of the Nation
by J. Eduardo Malaya and Jonathan E. Malaya

In parts oratory, public policy, and history, Stewards of the Nation tells the story of the sixteen men and women who ascended to and held the nation’s highest public office. It reintroduces to contemporary readers the presidents of the Philippines—from Emilio Aguinaldo to Rodrigo Roa Duterte—and their nation-shaping visions, delivered through their inaugural speeches, which are documented here in full. The book also provides essential information and insights on the presidents’ lives and times, the challenges they faced, and their achievements. These are presented in a manner that enables readers and the public to meaningfully survey the past, make sense of the present, and hopefully help them plan a better future for the country.

Family Business Law Declassified: How to Beat the Third-Generation Curse
by Atty. Jim V. Lopez

This book, authored by three-time National Book Award winner Jim V. Lopez, helps unveil the answers to the nagging conundrum: Why do most family businesses experience a meltdown once they reach the third generation? Family Business Law Declassified: How to Beat the Third-Generation Curse reveals numerous traps that cause family businesses to falter and eventually sink into the cesspool of irrelevance and insolvency. It also offers best practices and countervailing measures to cushion the impact of the “Buddenbrooks Phenomenon,” thus helping family businesses transcend the obstacles associated with the third generation.

Growing Up Wired
by Ma. Isabel Sison-Dionisio, Michelle S. Alignay, Nerisa C. Fernandez and Queena Lee Chua

In a groundbreaking study, the authors present in this book the findings from well-known international studies as well as personal experiences and testimonials by Filipino students, families, teachers, and experts on why our children have totally different and distinct behaviors and values in response to modern technology, particularly the Internet.

This book also answers common questions on raising Filipino kids today: How can we use social media wisely? How do we deal with our kids’ gaming addiction? How can we motivate kids to read and to socialize healthily? How can we talk so kids will listen? How can we integrate technology effectively in school?


All My Lonely Islands
by VJ Campilan

One crisp March evening, Crisanta and Ferdinand arrive on the remote Batanes islands for a mission: locate Graciella, whose son, Stevan, they saw die in a tragic accident a decade ago. But they need to confess something to her: Stevan’s death is not all what it seems. Oppressed by a decade of painful memories, Crisanta and Ferdinand must race against time—from the wild swamplands of the Sundarban forest in Bangladesh to the back alleys of Manila to the savage cliffs of Batanes—to offer Graciella the truth that they themselves cannot bear to face.

Whatda! Anong Petsa Na?! : A Freelancer’s Sanity and Survival Planner
by Karen Fernandez

Freelancing can be a pretty darn scary place. No rules. With great flexibility comes great failure, if you’re not careful.

But there’s a good chance of success when you’ve got the WHATDA! ANONG PETSA NA?!, A Freelancer’s Survival and Sanity Planner in your possession.

It’s more than a planner. It’s a weapon. Loaded with literature for independent business savvy, with specially-designed charts and fields to empower the control freak in you.

This planner is unique in the sense that it breaks into a growing yet still untapped market segment which is very upwardly mobile in terms of income potential. This segment will continuously grow by leaps and bounds in the years to come.

Dear Universe: Poems on Love, Longing, and Finding Your Place in the Cosmos
by Pierra Calasanz- Labrador

Pierra Calasanz-Labrador once again shares her second poetry collection with the world. These poems speak to the world with the intimacy only an introvert can evoke, like “a quiet voice longing to be heard.” With fifty poems on love, longing, and self-discovery, Dear Universe is like going through an introspective journey where you may discover yourself as the persona discovers her own.

Eight Goodbyes
by Christine Brae

When Tessa Talman meets Simon Fremont for the first time, not only is she attracted to him, she’s intrigued by how different their lives are. He’s a dedicated scientist, practical, pragmatic, and grounded—while she’s a head-in-the-clouds romance author. As their relationship grows, they agree to meet in places around the world, while continuing to live on opposite sides of the globe.

Though their feelings for each other deepen, their priorities remain the same. Simon is in a hurry to be financially sound and settle down, but Tessa is enjoying her freedom and newfound success. Neither is willing to give in, but as each goodbye gets harder, Tessa begins to wonder whether fame is the path to happiness, or if she has everything she needs in Simon.

Just as Tessa finds the courage to go after her own happily ever after, the unthinkable happens, separating them in ways they never imagined. To move forward, she must let go of the past, and determine once and for all if love is truly more powerful than the pain of goodbye.

Basagan Ng Trip: Complaints About Filipino Culture and Politics
by Lisandro Claudio

“Walang basagan ng trip,” is one of the vilest phrases in colloquial Tagalog, reflecting a long anti-critic tradition in Philippine arts. When artists use the term, they are asking critical voices to shut up and smile: Don’t criticize my work (my “trip”); we’re all just trying to be happy here. Shouldn’t art, after all, be fun?

Being a critic and essayist was, one could say, my only means of self-expression. Indeed, I cannot create, so I just complain. I’ve made some complaints that have offended many (declaring OPM dead) and I’ve made some more popular ones (calling out Tito Sotto for being a sexist).  And, yes, I am proud to call them complaints, because complainers believe that things are wrong and can be changed.

Welcome to the world of the second-class citizen in the republic of arts and letters—the much-maligned “tagabasag ng trip.”

Lifeline: A Layperson’s Guide to Helping People in Crisis
by Queena Lee Chua

Lifeline: A Layperson’s Guide to Helping People in Crisis is the book for anyone who wants to help people experiencing such problems. Lifeline also debunks myths about mental disorders and guides readers on what to say and what NOT to say to those in pain in counseling vulnerable people through detailed scripts and conversations.

Note: This book is NOT a substitute for professional help.                      

Life is Good
by Yvette Fernandez and Jackie Fernandez

Once there were two sisters who lived in a little boy’s playroom.

One was a stuffed elephant and the other was made of glass.

They were very different, but they loved each other a lot.

This is a story about their lives.

It is a story about love and loss.

It is a story about moving forward and being happy again because life is good.

Parang Kayo, Pero Hindi
by Noreen Capili

The “parang kayo, pero hindi” stage. Others call it MU or mutual understanding. Pseudo relationships. Pseudo boyfriends. Flings. Almost like a relationship, but not quite. It is a phase where the persons involved are more than friends, but not quite lovers.

“Ate Noreen’s words and lines are very touching but at the same time very realistic. Reading her blog (entry about me) made me realize a lot of things. I didn’t know how my simple gestures affect other people’s lives. I am looking forward to working with Ate Noreen again.” – Enchong Dee, actor

Ang Maglandi ay ‘Di Biro: The Kalandian Chronicles
by Danilo Hernandez

Aminin mo na. Anong klaseng nilalang ka man, paniguradong minsan (o madalas) sa buhay mo eh naging one-sided lover ka!

Kung ikaw ay nasaktan, umasa, pinaasa, umiyak, na-depress, na-brokenhearted, nagpakamartir, naging forever alone, NBSB, binigay ang lahat, niloko, winasak at umibig mag-isa? Para ‘to sa’yo.

Hindi madali…

Hindi nakakatawa…

Dahil pag ganito ang setup…

Ang paglalandi ay mahirap…

Dahil ang maglandi ay ‘di biro.


Buti pa ang Roma, may Papa
by Noreen Capili

Single. Alone. Soloista. Lonely. Tigang. Sawi. NBSB. Searching. Waiting. Hoping. This book is for you. Para malaman mo na kahit wala kang dyowa, hindi ka nag-iisa.

“I couldn’t put the book down and just finished reading it. Noringai, your writing not only touched my heart but you managed to awaken my mind . . . Napakahusay, napakatotoo and napaka-witty mo . . . I haven’t enjoyed reading essays this much since Nora Ephron and Ruth Reichl.” – Kris Aquino, TV/movie actress, host


Duck and Croc Series
by Robert Magnuson

The series of his book is about the characters Duck and Croc, who are the best of friends although they are vastly different from each other. They play together, race against each other, and go on difficult as well as fun adventures.

As Duck and Croc go through their many adventures, young readers are invited to journey together with them. With its short rhyming lines and adorably colorful illustrations, this picture book series delivers simple but striking messages for its young readers. It imparted important life lessons such as friendship, fair treatment of others and honesty, among others.

Porcupine Pirate
by Robert Magnuson

Little Porcupine Pirate plans his day with all sorts of exciting adventures. But when things don’t go his way, he discovers that the greatest adventures are found where he least expects them.

by Aaron Randy

Panicked, Mother Zebra calls the fire station. The firefighters rush to her house.

Will Mother Zebra be okay?

Follow the firefighters as they hilariously scramble to

reach Mother Zebra’s house while guessing the names

of each animal from A to Z!

1…2…3… Ruuun! A Counting Book
by Aaron Randy

Who will claim the trophy in this wild, wacky marathon of animals? Count from 1 to 100 to find out!

by Jomike Tejido

Join Claysaurus and his friends as they explore their world. Prehistoric fun awaits young readers as they pound, roll, and shape their first steps to reading.

Sino Po Sila Series
by Jomike Tejido

Sino Po Sila? Sa Tahanan features different family members of the children at home–the mother, father, brother, sister, baby, and even the grandparents–using fun rhyming verses. Includes seven paper toys of the characters featured in the book.

Sino Po Sila? Sa Paaralan features different characters that children meet in school—teachers, principal, librarian, and janitor—using fun rhyming verses. Includes six paper toys of the characters featured in the book.

Sino Po Sila? Sa Daanan features different characters that children meet on the sidewalk–vendors of the sweet tofu, fish ball, boiled corn, green mango, ice cream, and duck egg vendor–using fun rhyming verses. Includes six paper toys of the characters featured in the book.

Sino Po Sila? Sa Pamayanan features different characters that children meet in the community—store vendor, baker, Barangay captain, mechanic, garbage collector, and gardener—using fun rhyming verses. Includes six paper toys of the characters featured in the book.

Sino Po Sila? Sa Bayan features different characters that children meet in the town—dentist, doctor, firefighter, driver, street sweeper, and police officer—using fun rhyming verses. Includes six paper toys of the characters featured in the book.

Nasaan Po Sila
by Jomike Tejido

Nasaan Po Sila is Jomike Tejido’s latest book series where children need to search and find objects within fun and colorful landscapes.  Each book features illustrations of local spots, landmarks around the world, and even beyond within the depths of deep space. With the use of these search and find activities and the dual text of English and Filipino, Nasaan Po Sila makes a great new read for young learners.

My First 100 Words

Anvil’s My First 100 Words series is a fun and educational tool to introduce new English, Filipino, Cebuano and Ilokano words to kids of all ages. Complete with illustrations, this book shows the different parts of the school, a home, the body and other things related to it.

Habulan/ The Chase
by Kora Dandan-Albano

Explore the wonders of childhood with this series of poetry picture books! Meet a grouchy nuno sa punso, a kapre with a giant cigar, and a winking manananggal.

With catchy lines and colorful illustrations, these books are perfect for reading out loud with your parents and friends.

Super Scientists Volume 1 and 2
by Nury Vittachi

Scientists are often presented as old men in white coats but this series shows that great discoveries have been made by people of all ages and cultures, including young people and women.


Catch a Falling Star
by Cristina Hidalgo

In this collection, Hidalgo returns to the writing of the realistic short story while remaining true to the style of the travel essays, which some critics believe to be her most inspired work.

What About Today
by Dawn Lanuza

Aiden’s stuck working for his family’s amusement park, Funtastic World, for the whole summer. Nothing amuses him, until he met this terrified girl.Gemma’s stuck in Funtastic World, thinking she could handle the park’s rides. She couldn’t. Good thing she met someone to guide her.As the day comes to a close, Aiden and Gemma ask themselves if one day is ever enough to decide if they were better off as friends or strangers.

by Zeno Denolo

Uberman ang tipo ng superhero na cliché—may pambihirang lakas, bilis at kapangyarihan. Pero may kakaiba sa kanya kumpara sa mga kontemporaryong superhero. Sa kuwentong ito, bukod sa mayroon siyang self-titled album at nagko-cover ng music video sa Youtube, ay wala siyang kalabang may superpowers na ang tanging hangarin ay maghasik ng kasamaan o kaya’y wasakin ang mundo upang makapaghiganti.

Ang kalaban ni Überman ay ang matagal nang kalaban ng ating lipunan—kahirapan, kriminalidad, kagutuman, kurapsyon, giyera, human trafficking, social, political and economic problems, lumilipad na ipis, atbp. Gamit ang kanyang superpowers at sa tulong ng teknolohiya, paano nga ba niya malalabanan ang mga suliranin ng isang bayang naghihinagpis?

Kids These Days
Edited by Mina V. Esguerra and Ronald S. Lim

A collection of stories set in the fictional high school, Luna East Arts Academy, as different characters go about their everyday lives. Here, everyone has a talent, and they know it. No one is ordinary, if you know them well enough.

The Year We Became invincible
by Mae Coyiuto

Dear Future Reader,

If you’re reading this book, it’s either:

1. You’re my future partner

2. I’m famous and my writings have been immortalized

3. You’ve violated my privacy and these are not meant for you

Let’s hope it’s not the last one. Before this year, I had my life all planned out. This book contains the story of the year that changed my life (well, my life so far). It’s the year I learned how to be invincible. That wasn’t really specific, but I guess you have to read on to see what I’m talking about.



Connect the Dots
by Genaro R. Gojo Cruz

Connecting the many dots of childhood memories that are sometimes happy and sometimes sad but always colorful paints the wonderful picture of Gene’s life.

The Mystery on 17th Street
by Annie Gorra

Such was life on 17th Street for Agustin and his friends, Rhuel and Noli. For them, it was a time for play, learning about life, beauty, and the gift of creation. But not all was simple. The old and quarrelsome woman, Iya Vellit, lived alone in her nipa hut under a mango tree, fascinated by the moon. Everyone said she was a witch until a stranger’s arrival began unraveling her secret.

The Girl Between Two Worlds
by Kristyn Maslog-Levis

The day after Karina’s sixteenth birthday, supernatural things start to happen around her and she has no idea why. Her mother, who disappeared soon after they migrated from the Philippines to America, speaks to her in prophetic dreams. Stranger still is the old man who turns up at her house one day and claims to be her grandfather, even though Karina’s mother had told her he died a long time ago.

Karina discovers that her mother is an engkanto princess who ran away from Engkantasia. Karina is now of age to take the throne and must do so to prevent a war between Engkantasia and the human world. She must learn to control her powers and fight a range of weird creatures trying to kill her and her family. To make matters worse, she finally meets a boy she likes and there’s something about him she can’t quite figure out.

For LGBT Friends

Beijing Comrades
by Bei Tong and translated by Scott E. Myers

Set in the tumult of China in the late eighties, Beijing Comrades gives us the story of two very different men–Handong, a self-absorbed businessman from the city, and Lan Yu, a quiet student activist from the countryside–falling in love and struggling to keep their relationship afloat in a society where their desire is yet to be recognized as anything but an illness. As the first English translation of the text, this edition finally brings to the English-speaking world a pioneering narrative of homosexuality in China. It is a sorely needed new perspective in the world of queer literature.

I Am Jake
by Jake Zyrus

Charice Pempengco was poised to be the next big global pop star, the most powerful names in Hollywood staunchly behind her. But she bravely turned her back on the glittering lights of Hollywood for a bigger dream—to be himself in a world that tried its best to erase him from his own story. From his turbulent childhood to the dizzying heights of Hollywood, and the fall from grace to his rebirth, Jake Zyrus delves into it all and inspires with his story of becoming.

Don’t Tell Anyone
by Ian Rosales Casocot and Shakira Andrea Sison

If sex remains taboo in the Philippines, gay and lesbian sex is still even more unspoken. “How do you do it?” is still the most common question queer Pinoys get. Even after that question is answered, there is still the popular notion that only heterosexual sex is ‘the real thing,’ and anything else is just a deviation or an attempt to replicate the male-female dynamic of human contact.

This book makes up for this history of invalidation. An unprecedented dirty dozen, Sison’s and Casocot’s stories are direct and unflinching. They make no qualms or apologies about the nature of sex between two men or between two women. They explore courtship and contact between same-gender partners with humor, hesitation and obsession, and eventually take the reader with them as they reel from heartbreak.

Whether you consider straight sex ‘the real thing,’ or are among the LGBTQ community that is hungry for a true account of Filipino gay and lesbian loving, one thing this collection and its characters do, over and over without exhaustion, is to keep on trying.

Happy na, Gay pa
by Danton Remoto

I long for the day when Filipinos in the LGBT community no longer have to live in fear of discrimination. The media, both new and traditional, play important roles in making that possible. By telling the stories of the LGBT community, they shatter biases born out of misinformation. I commend Danton Remoto for contributing to the narrative of LGBT Pinoys in his book Happy Na, Gay Pa. To critics of the LGBT movement, I say: Stupid is forever.

-Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago

by Danton Remoto

Riverrun is a rite-of-passage novel in the life of a young gay man growing up in a colorful and chaotic dictatorship. Shaped in the form of a memoir, it glides from childhood to young adulthood in chapters written like flash fiction and vignettes, along with a recipe, a feature article, excerpts from poems, and vivid songs.

He’s Dating the Transgender
by Arthur Sta. Ana

Hindi ba ang mahalaga ay yung pinaniniwalaan namin at nakikita namin kesa sa kung ano’ng sabihin ng iba?

Nakilala ni Art si Trixie anim na taon na ang nakalipas. Nagsuyuan, nagmahalan, at nagplano para sa kinabukasan, ngunit dahil lumaki sa magkaibang mundo, sinubukan ng dalawa na itago ang isang napakaliit ngunit tila napakahalagang detalye sa pagkatao ni Trixie. Alamin ang mga eksenang magpapasaya, magpapaluha, at magpapatotoo na ang pag-ibig ay walang kinikilala.

“What this book is about, more than anything else, is love. And it’s written like any love story that captures our imagination—from the heart, pure and simple.” –From the Foreword of AA Patawaran, Lifestyle Editor of Manila Bulletin


Doodles and Daydreams: From Doodler to Drawing Diva in Just 30 Days!
by May Tobias

May Tobias shares her passion and craft through Doodles and Daydreams, a book that transforms a simple doodler to a drawing diva in just a month. With daily exercises designed to make your drawing hand become accustomed to varying strokes and pressure, this is the book for doodlers who want to take their dreams to the next level and anyone who wants to draw.

Never say “never.” It’s never too late to learn how to draw. It’s just a matter of learning some basic skills and building up your confidence to diva levels. If you love to doodle, it’s time to take the next step. This book is packed with fun, practical, and inspiring exercises, prompts, tips, and examples to help you learn how to draw.

My Fashion Sketchpad
by Pete Rich

A chic and timeless fashion illustration manual that features easy-to-follow instructions on how to draw portraits that never go out of style. It is the first book of its kind locally, and this is the debut book of artist Pete Rich, who encourages fashion industry hopefuls and casual hobbyists alike to create art using basic drawing tools and their most important asset: their unique perspectives.

The Good Photographer
by Raymund Isaac

So you want to be successful? You want to be a good photographer? Then you better work. This challenge and more are in this collection of stunning photographs and words of wisdom from celebrated Filipino photographer, Raymund Isaac.

In this book, Raymund shares the lessons he has learned and the joy he has experienced in being a professional photographer for more than thirty years. From the brief and insightful texts against breathtaking images, the aspiring and the veteran photographer as well as the ordinary reader can pick up tips, lessons, and inspiration to take up photography and graphic arts, improve on one’s craft, and savor the beauty in all things.

Raymund says people seldom find a job that they would love to do the rest of their life. He feels blessed that he has found his in photography and visual arts.

Pippa’s Magical Garden & Birds
by Pippa Rossi

A coloring book for the young-at-heart featuring illustrator Pippa Rossi’s detailed and creative illustrations of wonderful gardens, birds and other winged creatures and magical creatures that live in them. Perfect for those who seek peace and tranquility and creative inspiration from everyday life.


Manila Was A Long Time Ago
by AA Patawaran

Short fiction. Patawaran takes readers on a dizzying romp across the globe, to the most luxurious dream destinations―but with protagonists always dogged by the shadow of home, and the

pasts they’re running away from. Art by Love Marie Ongpauco (Heart Evangelista).

Lualhati Baustista Boxed Set
by Lualhati Bautista

Mga pangunahing nobela ni Lualhati Bautista na nagsasalamin ng lipunang puno ng lagim at kontradiskyon. Inuusisa ang papel ng babae, ng pamilya, at ng Pilipino, sa ilalim ng Batas Militar at ng batas ng mga Amerikano. Mga kuwento ng kagitingan at pagharap sa katotohanan.


Sandosenang Ambeth – Looking Back Series
by Ambeth Ocampo

History has never been this exciting to read and learn with Ambeth R. Ocampo’s groundbreaking Looking Back series. Now, Anvil brings together the series’ first twelve volumes in this spunky boxed set. Featuring straightforward, thoroughly researched essays on Philippine history and culture packed with curiosity, controversy, and insight–as well as Dr. Ocampo’s trademark wit and humor–#SandosenangAmbeth is chock-full of dozens of stuff we could only wish were discussed in our history classes.

Rizal without the Overcoat
by Ambeth Ocampo

Rizal Without the Overcoat uncovers the man behind the glorified hero. With his meticulous research on the most curious of topics, rendered in his distinctly accessible voice, Ocampo takes Jose Rizal away from the mythos that history has created for him, and gives us instead a strangely human figure.

Heneral Luna: The Story Behind the Movie
by Dr. Vivencio R. Jose

The Filipino Nation seeks its independence, and I will sustain the cause of my country until the very end in compliance with the oath I made to my flag.” – Antonio Luna

Unlike other leaders of the Philippine revolution, Antonio Luna’s dedication to the cause of independence was motivated by the ideals of nationhood. In this re-issue of the companion book to the TBA movie Heneral Luna, it is hoped that readers are reminded of the exemplary life lived by the imperfect man that was Luna, whose answer to the question, “Bayan o sarili?”never wavered for the cause of nation.

GOYO: The History Behind the Movie
by Isagani Giron

Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral is a coming-of-age story about how a young, overconfident boy learns to accept his own mortality and, more importantly, his duties as a true soldier of the Republic.” – Jerrold Tarog, director of Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral

History lessons have ingrained in Filipinos the heroism of the boy general Gregorio del Pilar, famed for the Battle in Tirad Pass. But the ideals that spur a revolution are as complex as the motivations of this young man to pursue greatness.

This compendium brings together the process of making the movie from its director, producers and screenwriter, and an interview with Bulacan historian Isagani Giron that looks into the writings of Teodoro Kalaw and Nick Joaquin. It invites thoughtful scrutiny of a flawed young man and a deeper reflection of Philippine history in hopes of a more meaningful understanding of ourselves as a people and as a nation.

Imagined Communities – Revised Edition
by Benedict Anderson

Anderson explores the processes that created the ‘imagined communities’: the territorialization of religious faiths, the decline of antique kingship, the interaction between capitalism and print, the development of vernacular languages-of-state, and changing conceptions of time. He shows how an originary nationalism born in the Americas was modularly adopted by popular movements in Europe, by the imperialist powers, and by the anti-imperialist resistances in Asia and Africa.

Luzon at War
by Dr. Milagros Camayon Guerrero

Mila Guerrero’s Luzon at War, first written in 1977, grew out of a world in motion seeking to understand another earlier era of radical turmoil. Its findings helped lay the groundwork for the emergence since the 1980s of new ways for understanding the historical roots and unresolvable contradictions of the Philippine Revolution.  The book puts forth a series of questions about the colonial origins of the nation, the tensions between State and society, the role of the intelligentsia, and the resistance of ordinary people that successive generations of scholars are still seeking to come to terms with. It remains arguably the most astute critique of the first Philippine Republic, laying bare many of the sources of today’s political and social problems.

Orientalists, Propagandists, and Ilustrados
by Megan C. Thomas

Rigorously researched and lucidly written, Orientalists, Propagandists, and Ilustrados breaks new ground in the study of the nineteenth-century Philippines. The book stands out in its careful attention to texts produced by the intellectuals at the center of its story. Megan C. Thomas frames—and powerfully defamiliarizes—canonical works and authors by placing them alongside lesser-known texts, a move not only recuperative and inclusive but transformative.

—Paul A. Kramer, author of The Blood of Government: Race, Empire, the United States, and the Philippines

The Ultimate Quijano de Manila Collection
by Nick Joaquin

2017 marks the birth centennial of one of the most distinguished Filipino authors, Nick Joaquin. In celebration of the great writer’s 100th birthday, Anvil Publishing presents The Ultimate Quijano de Manila Collection: The Incredible Journalism of Nick Joaquin Writing as Quijano de Manila. This boxed set brings together the four classic collections of events Joaquin has covered–and retold with the unparalleled skill he writes fiction with–in his career as a journalist:Reportage on Crime, Lovers, Politics, and The Marcoses.

May books shape your mind this season and in the coming new year!