Best Children’s Book Series of 2017

1. DUCK AND CROC SERIES by Robert Magnuson

Though vastly different from each other, Duck and Croc are the best of friends. They play together, race against each other, and go on difficult as well as fun adventures. Join this unlikely pair of friends as they come upon marvelous discoveries and learn lessons from the challenges along the way.

Welcome to Duck and Croc’s Magnificent Race! Follow the pair of friends as they zoom across land, sea, and air to see who can get to the end of the book first place!

Croc wants a Pixie Horse toy, but Duck and Croc Meet Collector Alligator who keeps buying them all! With Pixie Horses running low, find out how Duck and Croc save the day!

Croc wants Duck to be part of her family. Dad and Mom want Duck to be the delicious main course of their traditional meal. Will Duck survive? Find out in Little Duck and Little Croc Fowl Friday Feast!


As this mischievous pair go through their many adventures, young readers are invited to journey together with them. With its short rhyming lines and adorably colorful illustrations, this picture book series delivers simple but striking messages for its young readers.


Every night as a family we read (and re-read) the Duck and Croc books, and fall in love with the wonderful, whimsical world that Robert Magnuson has created. Every page breathes with a strong spirit of fun and adventure, and at its core a heart for kindness and friendship.

—Elbert Or, comic book creator and author of “1,2,3…Tara, Laro Tayo!”


Absolutely delightful. Duck and Croc have personalities that every kid (and kidult) can relate to and have fun with. The rhymes are adorable. A classic!

Robert Alejandro, artist



Meet the various endangered animals in the Philippines and their exciting stories that teach valuable lessons in life. With extra interesting and fun facts about the animals that will surely inspire the reader to get involved in their protection. These books are written in Filipino-English parallel text.

Si Jan, Ang Mausisang Pawikan is a young precocious one who wants to know every little thing around him. Find out the sights, sounds, and surprises he discovers when he first explores the world outside.

Si Dong, Ang Matakaw na Dugong eats everything around him! He doesn’t mind if these foods are not good for his body. Get to know Dong, who through his love for food, has discovered his true passion.

Si Pao, Ang Mapaglarong Tamaraw loves to do fun things. One day, he jumps into a mudhole and mud splashes all over his playmates. Good thing he is able to think of a way to make it up to his friends.

Si Macky, ang Maliksing Paniki is wide awake, long after the time bats need to rest, and this disturbs the bats who want to go to sleep. Through the guidance of his father and mother, Macky is able to correct his sleeping habit—and he even found a way to channel his energy.

“Jomike Tejido is one of my favorite Illustrators in the country today. His use of colors is vivid and playful. His Iines and spaces are clean, neat and precise. In his artworks, either rendered in a spread of a Book or a banig as Canvas, I see a combination of art and science. I look at his new Picture books and I marvel at the balance he could achieve in merging these two disciplines.” 

—Zarah Gagatiga, Blogger, Librarian, Author, Storyteller, Teacher


3. CLAYSAURUS SERIES by Jomike Tejido

Preschoolers will surely enjoy this interactive storybook series that encourages them to learn through play.  Step-by-step instructions at the back of the books are provided for making dinosaurs out of modeling clay that will help kids develop their creativity.

Join Claysaurus and his friends in exploring the prehistoric world in these titles:

Claysaurus, the Little Dino

Claysaurus Shares with Trina

Claysaurus Helps Rex

Claysaurus Explores with Terry


“Claysaurus is a charming book for little ones, with its simple text and illustration. It invites young children to interact with the book and use their senses, strengthen their fingers, and learn their colors all at the same time. All in all, Claysaurus is another well thought of book for the very young by the talented Mr. Jomike Tejido.”

Mariel Uyquiengco

Parenting Speaker, Writer, and Editor