Anvil Titles Among the 37th National Book Awards Finalists

Anvil Publishing, Inc. has yet again made its way to the shortlist for this year’s National Book Awards.

The announcement was released last September 28, 2018 by the National Book Development Board (NBDB) and the Manila Critics Circle (MCC) for the best books published in 2017.

An eleven-time Publisher of the Year, Anvil Publishing continues to be globally-competitive with its expansive range of trade books to engage different Filipino audiences.

Below are the Anvil titles that were listed as finalists in each category:



All My Lonely Islands by VJ Campilan

One crisp March evening, Crisanta and Ferdinand arrive on the remote Batanes islands for a mission: locate Graciella, whose son, Stevan, they saw die in a tragic accident a decade ago. But they need to confess something to her: Stevan’s death is not all what it seems. Oppressed by a decade of painful memories, Crisanta and Ferdinand must race against time—from the wild swamplands of the Sundarban forest in Bangladesh to the back alleys of Manila to the savage cliffs of Batanes—to offer Graciella the truth that they themselves cannot bear to face.



Crimetime: Inspector SJ Tuason Case Files by Maria L.M. Fres Felix

Beneath the glitz and glamor of Kyusi, the country’s City of Stars, there lurks insidious violence. In four thought-provoking and thrilling stories, dauntless lady crime fighter SJ Tuason combines brain with brawn as she seeks to solve the cases of an ex-financial scammer murdered in a public park; a Queen Amidala cosplayer left dead among talahib; faceless corpses in abandoned places; a young matinee idol killed in the slums; and the long unsolved death of her father. But given outmoded equipment and the overpowering patriarchy, will the victims ever receive justice?



Public Choice: The Life of Armand V. Fabella in Government and Education by Roel Landingan

Public Choice chronicles the legacy of Armand V. Fabella as a talented, dedicated civil servant and educator who worked with six presidents—from Ramon Magsaysay in the 1950s to Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in the 2000s—and as senior government adviser and Education secretary. Penned by business journalist Roel Landingin, Public Choice is more than a biography of a remarkable Filipino who dedicated most of his life to public service—it is also the story of Philippine economic policy-making in the last half century.

The First Impulse by Laurel Fantauzzo

On September 1, 2009, a young couple—Alexis Tioseco, Filipino-Canadian film critic, and Nika Bohinc, Slovenian film magazine editor—was murdered in their home in Times Street, Quezon City. The case, still unsolved, shocked the Philippines and the rest of the world.

A year later, a young Filipina-American writer haunted by the case returns to the Philippines and begins an investigation of her own.

Revealing the humanity of a haunted nation through the lens of a mystery, The First Impulse explores much of what connects people: the pursuit of justice through art, the search for home, the aftermath of violence, and the mysterious force of love itself.



The Bohol We Love edited by Marjorie Evasco

In this anthology, the reader is invited to take a journey through vivid and heartwarming verses, narratives, and images. It is a well-rounded trip to Bohol—its people, culture, and ways of life. It is not just a peek into what Bohol is all about, but a stunning picture of a place that will welcome a stranger and bid him farewell as a friend, a sanctuary for the weary, a haven for the wanderer and the one who wants to stay still.




Ang Larawan: From Stage to Screen by Girlie Rodis

This definitive volume brings together Nick Joaquin’s classic play A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino, Rolando Tinio’s libretto of Ang Larawan, The Musical (which is based on the play), and the screenplay of Ang Larawan, The Movie. It includes sixteen colored pages of photos of the stage musical and film, the last interview of Tinio, a learning guide, behind-the-scenes photos, and more.




The Good Photographer by Raymund Isaac

The Good Photographer is a collection of stunning portraiture, still life and landscape photographs and words of wisdom from celebrated Filipino fashion and advertising photographer, Raymund Isaac.



The Philippines Towards Resilient Cities and Communities by Felino Palafox Jr.

A shared understanding of our cities’ strengths, weaknesses, and potentials can help in formulating transformative strategic plans and policies for disaster and risk reduction. Whether you are an architect, planner, government official, local expert, or an ordinary citizen—we all need to work together to build a brighter future for our communities.



Coconut Kitchen by Regina Newport

From meat to shell, Coconut Kitchen brings you many ways to make appetizers and main dishes absolutely healthy and delicious! Each recipe has been personally selected, tested and retested by the author with the reader and home cook in mind. This cookbook also features coconut-based recipes from the following well-known personalities in the Philippine culinary world: Amy Besa and Romy Dorotan, Norma Chikiamco, Pia Lim-Castillo, Elizabeth Ann Quirino, Ige Ramos, Beth Romualdez, and Editha C. Singian.

Feast with Me by Stephanie Zubiri

Savor the flavors of Europe and Asia’s sides of the world with Feast with Me, by writer, TV host, entrepreneur and chef Stephanie Zubiri Crespi. Start your day with a relaxing Parisian breakfast; indulge in flavorful Moroccan and Filipino lunch, take a quick Mediterranean merienda and munch on Spanish tapas; and bask in the company of family and friends with homey Italian dishes and exotic Vietnamese and Indian meals for dinner. Feast with Me is nothing short of a sumptuous feast for the senses.

French Kusina by Xavier Btesh

With French Kusina, you can prepare French and Mediterranean dishes you, your friends, and your family will love, in the comfort of your Filipino kitchen! This cookbook features sumptuous and easy-to-do recipes by celebrity chef Xavier Btesh. Features recipes of classic French dishes like Salad Nicoise, Ratatouille, and Tarte Tatin; authentic Mediterranean dishes from Italian Authentic Pasta Carbonara and Linguini al Nero, to Syrian Kebabs and Babaganoush, to Moroccan Lamb Tajine and Egyptian rice; and East-meets-West dishes such as Adobo Shepherd’s Pie and Kangkong Pasta Gratin.


The annual National Book Awards is a project of the National Book Development Board (NBDB) and the Manila Critics Circle. It is distinguished as a major Philippine literary award as it pays tribute to excellent books written, designed, edited, and published in the Philippines.

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