Anvil Publishing Gives 30% Discount to Celebrate 28th Anniversary

To celebrate its 28th anniversary on February 22, 2018, Anvil Publishing is relaunching its website and gives 30% discount on selected titles from February 9 to 28, 2018.

The new Anvil Publishing website has a sleeker look, with new features such as a section for award-winning titles; an easy-to-navigate page with all the Anvil imprints and their respective titles; a page for authors with their biographies and published books; and a page where you can purchase e-books and soon, audiobooks. Starting this year, Anvil will also be accepting manuscripts through its website.

Committed to support the love for reading, Anvil is also launching a new campaign, “World-class Reads within Your Reach,” in line with its vision of producing quality content. By launching the said campaign, it aims to be globally competitive, relevant, and accessible to the widest range of readers.

Some of its upcoming activities include a women’s forum on March, a writing boot camp for young writers, a poetry and open mic night, a workshop for aspiring artists and doodlers, and a seminar for teachers.