5 Highlights from the 2017 Philippine Readers and Writers Festival

[T]he 2017 Philippine Readers and Writers Festival has just ended but we are still pretty much hyped from its events. From hearing insightful talks and tips about writing, to meeting our favorite authors, the PRWF surely had a lot of fun and interesting activities each attendee surely enjoyed. Here are five of our favorite Anvil highlights:

  1. Our freshly released books were exclusively available at the festival!
    Some of which include Ang Larawan: From Stage to Screen (watch out for the movie too!); #SandosenangAmbeth, Ambeth Ocampo’s Looking Back series boxed set; and Nick Joaquin’s Reportage series boxed set together with the new covers of his books May Day Eve and Other Stories, The Summer Solstice, and Cándido’s Apocalypse. These aren’t available in stores yet, but watch out for them at the 38th Manila International Book Fair!

  2. Workshops for kids and aspiring children’s book illustrators
    Jomike Tejido talked about Claysaurus and taught, not only kids, but also adults, how to mold clay! All of them surely enjoyed making tiny clay figures of Claysaurus and his friends! Meanwhile, our children’s illustrators Abi Goy, Paul Eric Roca, and Kristine Taguiang together with children’s book author Bong Oris taught aspiring illustrators how to conceptualize and draw children’s books.

    Illustrator Paul Eric Roca demonstrates how he creates digital art for children’s books from scratch
  3. Ambeth Ocampo had a very interesting talk about the history of Philippine money! What makes Ambeth different is that he does not only impart knowledge to people, but he also has a way to make our history come alive. Last Tuesday, he discussed the history of Philippine money.Did you know that, before, a few Chinese people used to hoard one peso coins to sell them back in China? Turns out that, before, the value of our a one peso coin’s raw material was P1.40! Well, what about the “Make Ninoy Smile” campaign? If you noticed in the old P500 pesos bill, he wasn’t smiling, but when they replaced it with the new bills, he was there, smiling with Cory. He also discussed a lot more about how different cultures handled money, the story about the Leyte Landing, and a lot more!
    Renowned historian Ambeth Ocampo talks about the history of Philippine money at the PRWF 2017

    There was also a book signing afterwards. His newly released book Looking Back 13: Guns of Katipunan and the new Looking Back series boxed set, #SandosenangAmbeth, were exclusively available at the festival.

    Ambeth Ocampo’s book signing and picture taking after his talk
  4. The cast of Ang Larawan the movie was there too! Actresses Celeste Legaspi, Rachel Alejandro, and Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo, as well as producer Girlie Rodis, talked about the newly released book Ang Larawan: From Stage to Screen, and of course, they shared their experiences about filming the upcoming movie, and why we need to watch out for it! The book will also be available in the 38th Manila International Book Fair! For more details about Ang Larawan, click here.
  5. Live reading of our Sparks Books titles! Six of our Sparks Book authors namely Mina Esguerra, Six de los Reyes, Brigitte Bautista, Clare Marquez, and C.P. Santi discussed how they write and conceptualize hot and steamy scenes for their stories. Mina Esguerra said that there are different “heat levels,” and that each writer should figure out the own heat level they are comfortable with, and then, they can eventually progress to other levels.Live readers Rachel Coates, Gio Gahol, and Fred Lo gave life to some scenes from the books of our young Sparks Book authors as they read them to the audience.