10 Summer Reads for Children and Teens

Thinking of ways your child could spend his summer vacation productively? Well, why not have them read a couple of books? Reading books is not only a fun activity, it also exercises a child’s brain and develops their imagination. Reading improves their language and vocabulary, while teaching them more about the world around them. Plus, it’s also a great bonding activity between parents and their children. Here are some books that kids and teens will surely enjoy:


Sandy Beaches to Snow
by Mila Bongco-Philipzig

Two children recount the sounds and sights and lovable chaos of preparing to travel across the seas. One is travelling from sun and sand to a winter clime; the other is going the exact opposite way.

Ayun, O! Bakasyon Na!
by Bong Oris

The Ayun, O! Bakasyon Na! lets primary readers learn about the things to bring when going on vacation. This book is written in different Philippine regional languages.

Duck and Croc Meet Collector Alligator
by Robert Magnuson

Crocodile wants a Pixie Horse toy, but Collector Alligator keeps buying them all! With Pixie Horses running low, find out how Duck and Croc save the day!

Si Pao, ang Mapaglarong Tamaraw
by Jomike Tejido 

Pao likes to play. One day, he jumps into a mudhole and mud splashes all over his playmates. Good thing he is able to think of a way to make it up to his friends.

Letters from Crispin
by Cyan Abad-Jugo

Alice encounters unexpected events on her visit to Lola-grandma’s house for her hundredth birthday. It all begins when she receives a letter from Crispin, who claims to be their neighbor.


The Girl Between Two Worlds
by K. M. Levis

After Karina’s sixteenth birthday, she discovers her supernatural background. She suddenly has a duty to protect Engkantasia and prevent a war against the human world. To make matters worse, she finally meets a boy she likes. But there’s something mysterious about him she can’t quite figure out.

The Year We Became Invincible 
by Mae Coyiuto

Camille Li writes letters to her future partner about her dreams and aspirations, and the struggles she encounters while growing up. She has had her life planned out until she meets a group of thrill-seeking people who will turn her sheltered life to a spontaneous one.

What About Today
by Dawn Lanuza

Aiden is stuck working for his family’s amusement park for the whole summer. But nothing amuses him until he meets this terrified girl, Gemma, who is thinking she could handle the park’s rides. They spend their time exploring the rides and getting to know each other, but as the day comes to a close, Aiden and Gemma ask themselves if one day is ever enough to decide if they were better off as friends or strangers.

Kids These Days
Edited by Mina V. Esguerra and Ronald S. Lim

A collection of stories set in the fictional high school, Luna East Arts Academy, as different characters go about their everyday lives. Here, everyone has a talent, and they know it. No one is ordinary, if you know them well enough.

by Zero A.D.

Follow Überman, your cliché superhero with his super strength, super speed, and super powers, as he fights the non-cliché but ultimate villains of society—poverty, crime, hunger, corruption, war, human trafficking, social, political, and economic problems, and flying cockroaches.